social habilitation, education and creative activity center for adults with autism
to build an integrated model of support for people with autism, from early diagnostics to supported employment, to help people with autism unlock their potential and to raise public awareness of autism
140+ families take part in our programs
70+ families on the waiting list
4 432 032 rubles – monthly budget

Early 2000s:
  • every 150th child (USA)
  • every 100th child (UK)

Today, according to the Center for Disease Control (USA), every 68th child is born with autism.

In Russia:
  • no statistics
  • no system of support for people with autism
  • no public knowledge of autism
Children: "corrective" kindergartens and schools
Adults (18+): home or psychoneurological residential facilities
Anton's Right Here: building an integrated model of support for people with autism throughout life

We work with all of our students according to individual programs. They are made with consideration of each person's current status, his requirements and interests and his family's requests.
A tutor, a curator and a psychologist are responsible for the achievement of the short-term and long-term goals.
There's both individual and group work.

Students: 60
Staff: 8
Volunteers: 9

Monthly budget (salaries, refunds to volunteers): 234 302,57 rubles

At workshops our students engage in creative activity and make hand-made objects.

5 workshops (Anton's Right Here Center):
  • sewing
  • pottery
  • decorative
  • graphics
  • cooking

4 workshops (Socialization and Employment Preparation Center)
  • bookbinding
  • sewing
  • woodwork
  • computer class
  • gardening
Merchandise catalogue

Raise in sociability, unlocking creative potential

Students: 60
Teachers: 16

Monthly budget (salaries, supplies): 870 852,35 rubles
The basis of work
  • communicative creative environment
  • communication between students, staff and volunteers
  • freedom of perception and creative expression
  • integrative microcommunity
  • teaching life and social skills

  • 11 salespoints in St. Petersburg
  • 2 on-line stores:,
  • 2 salespoints in Moscow
  • fairs, festivals, corporate orders

The program is aimed to help people with adults develop independent life skills, without parents' support. The students learn to cook, clean, do shopping, pay the bills etc.

Students learn necessary skills for independent living

Students: 10
Staff: 5
Volunteers: 4

Monthly budget (salaries, supplies): 401 070,95 rubles


  • To find employment for high-functioning students on the open job market
  • To provide employment within sheltered workshops at the Center
  • To raise awareness about the employment of people with autism and teach the employers how to accommodate employees with autism
The Supported Employment is the next stage in the integration of our students to the public life.
There are workshops and a training course that helps prepare to the work environment. We search for vacancies on the job market, if the person is accepted, we support him at the workplace at the first stage and advise him and the employer afterwards.

Trainings – preparation for open employment
- Communication with private and state employers:
- Raising awareness of people with autism among employers
- Trainings on how to be a good employer for a person with autism
- Support at workplace

Sheltered workshops:
Paid work at the workshops within the Center

Development of work and social skills necessary for finding open employment
Self-sufficiency and independence

Students: 28
Staff: 6
Teachers: 6
Volunteers: 3

Monthly budget (salaries, rent, supplies): 782 029,83 rubles

  • to help the students join the society
  • to prepare the society and its institutions to accept people with special needs
We go to museums, theaters, cafes

Public places are adapted for people with autism (infographics, sensory rooms), staff has undergone special trainings on how to communicate with them

Students: 20 a month

Monthly budget: 54 975,97 rubles

Individual lessons for students that can't join our group lessons yet.
Development of social, communicative and life skills, stimulating environment, support at home.

Students that had difficulties joining the lessons gradually adapt to the environment and spend more and more time at the Center

Students: 10
Staff: 6
Volunteers: 10

Monthly budget: 54 406,29 rubles

Visual support at the Center: individual and group schedules, action sequences.
Skills of non-verbal communication for the non-verbal students.

Students with difficulties in communication get means to express themselves

Students: 11
Staff: 7

Monthly budget: 74 573,86 rubles

Additional courses (pottery, graphics, photography, folk songs and games, music, dancing)
With the help with these courses we can engage more people in our work.

Students that can't yet for various reasons attend daily classes at the Center find interesting occupation and later join the regular classes

Students: 35
Staff: 11

Monthly budget (salaries, supplies): 83 441,40 rubles

Physical lessons that help develop coordination and endurance.

Students that aren't welcome at the gyms get necessary physical activity and get better awareness and command of their bodies

Students: 50
Staff: 6

Monthly budget: 42 516,88 rubles
Summer retreat to the country – for many of out students, the first experience of staying at a new place without parents. Life and social skills, entertainment plus education.
Camps for adults and teenagers, a theater camp.

The students get to get away from their families to spend time with each other engaged in various entertaining activities

Support and development of parents' initiative, work with families, engaging parents in Center's projects

The families get necessary support in self-advocacy and daily life

About 100 families
Staff: 5

Monthly budget: 11 647,69

A creative improvisational musical band

The students get to engage in fulfilling activity; public gigs raise awareness of people with autism and their potential

Students: 12
Staff: 11

Monthly budget (salaries, supplies): 66 857,37 rubles

Integrative studio of Center and Bolshoi Drama Theater. The first inclusive theater project of a federal level theater in Russia. The company is made up of professional artists and our students.

Debut show: Language of the Birds based on the philosophical poem by the Persian Sufi thinker, Farid ud-Din Attar.
Nominated for the Golden Mask, Russian national theater award

The show gets public and critical acclaim and the model of inclusive theater is adapted by other theater companies in the country

Students: 17

Monthly budget: 112 666,47

Unlike adults, teenagers with autism have certain opportunities provided by the state – there are so called corrective schools that they can attend. They still need more activities and positive experience of communication and self-fulfillment. We offer evening classes: music, painting, animation etc.
There are also seminars for the parents: behavior and what causes it, visual support, eight strategies of support of people with autism etc.

Teenagers with autism get positive experience of communication and engaging in entertaining activities

Staff: 6

Teenagers: 10-15

Monthly budget: 22 567,34 rubles
EarlyBird program adapted for Russia by the Naked Heart Foundation
A certified British program for parents of pre-school children with autism. The program teaches parents to facilitate their child's social communication and appropriate behavior in their natural environment. It also helps parents to establish good practice in handling their child at an early age.

68 families have undergone the program.

The families aren't afraid of the diagnosis and get necessary knowledge and tools and learn to help and communicate with their child

Staff: 2

Monthly budget: 89 046,52 rubles

Modern technologies of work with pre-school children with autism
Naked Heart Foundation's program, in partnership with Anton's Right Here Center and St. Petersburg Education Council
The Naked Heart Foundation's expert chose 4 St. Petersburg state kindergartens that 67 children with autism attend.
Their staff underwent intensive trainings and work under the experts' supervision.

The introduction of new tools is already showing results: eg, within three months three children began to speak for the first time.

Animation studio
Animation lessons.
The fulfillment of the kids' creative potential in an inclusive environment: kids with and without special needs create cartoons together.

Children with autism are engaged in creative activity and communicate цер neurotypical chilldren

Children: 12
Teenagers: 7
Staff: 6

Monthly budget: 33 673,93 rubles
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